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In the past, those who lived in remote areas were typically left with one internet option: dial-up. Now with the wide availability and competitive prices of satellite internet service providers, virtually everyone has high speed access. If you're considering making the switch, your first step is to compare the available plans. We've scoured the internet to find the most up to date deals that help you directly compare your options to find the right solution for your needs.

Comparing Your Options in Satellite Service

Before you can compare the options and choose the right plan for you, you'll need to take a look at exactly how a satellite connection works. Satellite incorporates a dish installed on your property which works in conjunction with a modem that's hooked up to your computer. Despite the fact that the signal actually travels over 90,000 miles from the satellite to your dish, the entire process takes just milliseconds to complete and results in a lightning-fast internet connection. Depending on the speed levels offered on the plan you choose, you may receive speeds that are equal to or greater than the speeds you'd see from DSL or cable.

When comparing your options there are a few important factors to consider. First, think about your individual needs. Some individuals and families need the fastest possible speeds while others who use the internet for much lighter activities can easily save money by choosing a value plan. We've outlined all the plans, their speeds and who will benefit most from the various speeds. Use these charts to help you discover which satellite internet option will work best for your unique needs.

Next you'll need to consider the overall value of a plan. Remember that in some cases you may get a better value for paying a little more. For example, if you choose the bargain satellite internet plan but frequently downloaded large files or stream movies, you might find that while you're paying less than you'd pay for a faster speed, it would be well worth it to spend $20 more per month to be able to download files significantly faster and to be able to stream a movie without buffering.

As you're comparing the value of satellite providers, you'll also need to take into consideration your setup costs and costs to rent or purchase equipment. Often times you can find a discount that provides for free equipment or a partial rebate on equipment, or waived installation and setup fees. Other satellite companies may offer you the option to lease equipment. We've found the most recent information on these discounts to help you find the best overall value.

Which Satellite Internet Provider is Right for You?

For the most part, you'll be required to enter into a 24 month contract when you start satellite service. Remember that satellite is available virtually everywhere in the United States so even if you start service with one company and move to a new location, you can likely continue using their services without a problem. Take a moment to read over the contract to ensure that you know what your responsibilities are. Some satellite providers offer an option to cancel a contract within the first 30 days without requiring you to pay the early termination fee.

Currently there are three major satellite internet providers offering service: Wild Blue, Skyway and HughesNet. Each of them offers their own unique advantages compared to the other.

Wild Blue: Standard installation comes at no charge. They offer an optional dial-up backup plan to ensure that if inclement weather affects your signal, you can still access the internet. With three speed levels to choose from, you may find that they're the best provider for you.

Skyway: Self-installation is available for those who feel comfortable handling their installation on their own. Skyway utilizes a unique hybrid connection, which results in the signals traveling faster and a simpler process that makes it less likely to break down.

HughesNet: Offers both residential and business plans to meet a wide variety of needs. You have the choice to purchase or lease equipment and 24 month warranties on service and parts, as well as 24 hour customer and technical support. HughesNet currently offers the fastest satellite speeds available.

When you look into the specific plans offered by satellite internet service providers, remember that there isn't one particular company who will provide the best value to everyone. Instead, it's up to you to carefully consider your individual needs, review the information we've provided to you, and to decide which company and which plan matches up to what you're looking for. With the power of satellite, almost everyone can find a fast connection that gives them access to everything the internet has to offer.


Are you interested in knowing what satellite providers are available in your area? The process is really very easy. Begin by comparing satellite internet providers, selecting the company you are interested in, and checking for availability in your area. In these penny-pinching days, it's important to have options for cheap satellite internet.

Navigating weather-related issues is also an important consideration. Determining the reliability of satellite internet access can help you determine if a provider is a good bet for what you require in service. Finally, as the market for mobile satellite internet service matures, check into a mobile broadband subscription for internet on the go.

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