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If you're looking for the latest in wireless technology, you've arrived at the right place. At&t 4G Wireless Internet will be introduced in Summer 2011. This LTE (long term evolution) connection will provide more consistent overall coverage for anyone with a 4G compatible device. More information about this new technology is available below, giving you ample time to decide whether it offers the right features for you. Or, feel free to review the other packages offered by the other reliable providers listed here.

4G - The New Internet Revolution

Until now, the norm for any internet user who was on the go was to seek out a wi-fi hotspot or endure the limitations and slower speeds of a 3G connection. Many internet companies would include wi-fi service in their plans, but customers would still have to be within a hotspot to enjoy mobile internet access.

But 4G wireless technology is aiming to change all that. With speeds of up to 6 times that of 3G, the newer, faster 4G turns an entire geographical area into a hotspot. This allows users to access the internet regardless of their location, whether that location is in a family vehicle, at a local coffee shop, or on a commuter train.

By the end of this year, approximately two-thirds of AT&T mobile broadband customers will be using their 4G LTE network. The network technology consists of two layers, HSPA+ and LTE which together result in more consistent overall internet coverage.

Will you be ready for THE At&t 4G Wireless Internet revolution? One way to ensure that you are is to see whether your current mobile device has 3G or 4G capability, as the only way to enjoy the speeds of 4G is with a compatible device.


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