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Clear Internet offers the speed of 4G with the convenience of being able to take your high speed connection virtually anywhere within your coverage area. With plans starting as low as $35 per month and current deals and discounts including a free first month, free activation and free overnight shipment of your equipment, now is a good time to look at this internet provider.

Current Online Promotions Offered by Clear Wireless

Basic home internet service from Clear Internet starts at $35 per month with no speed cap. You can also choose mobile, on the go internet that provides you with a mobile hotspot to access the internet from anywhere within your coverage area. Money saving bundle options include:

Coverage Included

Take Two: Home + On-the-Go

1.0 Mbps with no maximum cap

Unlimited take it with you mobile internet plus home internet $60.00
Take Two: On-the-Go 1.0 Mbps with no maximum cap Two mobile hot spots – a great plan for families $75.00
Take Three: Home + Mobile + Voice 1.0 Mbps with no maximum cap Home and mobile internet, plus unlimited calls within the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico $80.00
Take Three: Home + 2 On-the-Go 1.0 Mbps with no maximum cap Home internet plus two mobile hot spots $80.00
Take Two: On-the-Go+ 1.0 Mbps with no maximum cap Two mobile hot spots within your coverage area, as well as unlimited 3G national coverage where ever Clear offers service $95.00


No matter which wireless provider you choose, there will be both advantages and disadvantages. Clear may be the best choice for many but it's important to understand potential drawbacks as well.


  • Higher bandwidth and data transfer speeds, compared to WiFi or 3G mobile broadband
  • Large coverage area, depending on your location
  • Many plans to choose from
  • No-contract plans available


  • Not available in all areas, but rapidly expanding to include new coverage areas
  • New equipment must be leased or purchased

With Clear you can choose to pay on a per-month basis with no contract but you will be required to purchase the equipment. However, if you choose a 2 year contract you'll have the option to lease equipment instead of buying it. You'll also have the option to bundle home internet, mobile internet and/or phone services for maximum savings. Current web only promotions include:

  • Free first month
  • Free activation
  • Free overnight shipping


Satellite internet is a great option for people living in rural settings. Some geographic areas have large cell 4G plans from Wireless Internet Service Providers like Clear Internet or 4G Mobile Broadband Providers.

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