Mobile Internet Service Technology Offerings

Mobile Internet Service providers have some truly affordable plans available for the savvy online bargain-hunter. And 4G coverage is expanding quickly as providers recognize that WiMax is what their customers want and need in a mobile broadband subscription.

It's simple to get connected via Mobile Satellite Internet. You will need some type of mobile device -- a laptop, notebook, iPhone, or any other device equipped with an internal wireless adapter or a slot where a wireless card can be inserted. A good wireless internet subscription from an ISP or cell phone provider will enable you to detect WiFi hotspots or WiMax large cell access in your coverage area. Make sure you compare the various plans available to select the best plan for your particular needs.

Wireless Access Through USB Modems for Laptops

Verizon Wireless and Clear offers 4G USB modems for your laptop or mobile broadband-enabled devices. For multiple users, Clear Spots enables you to create your own personal hotspot that can connect to your laptop, mobile phone, notebook, or other device. AT&T has Netbooks and Notebooks equipped for mobile access available

Mobile Broadband Through Cell Phone Providers

You can purchase a wireless card or USB Modem through the following providers, or in some cases you can trade in your old mobile device for a new model.

Verizon 4G Wireless AT&T 4G Wireless Sprint Wireless
Two Available Plans:
  • 5 GB monthly allowance $50/mo
  • 10 GB monthly allowance $80/month
  • iPad and 3G plans available
Initial LTE launch mid-2011. By the end of 2011, 2/3 or AT&T's mobile broadband users will be on LTE.
  • Free Wireless 598U USB Modem
  • 5 GB monthly allowance
  • $59.99/mo

Wireless Internet at Home or On-the-Go

Clear Internet is a one-stop 4G shop for home internet and VoIP plans, plus mobile broadband. With their 3G backup plan, you can get seamless coverage without interruptions.

Clear Internet
Packages available:

  • Clear On-the-Go 4G $45/mo
  • Clear On-the-Go 4G w/3G backup $55/mo
  • Clear Home & On-the-Go $60/mo

What's the Difference Between WiFi and WiMax

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the differences between WiFi (3G) and WiMax (4G) technology. WiFi enables end users to access a series of hotspots located within a coverage area. WiMax technology can be thought of as turning one large geographic area into a giant hotspot. It is sometimes referred to as "WiFi on steroids." 3G and 4G technology are not mutually-exclusive, though. They are actually complementary to each other, and it is likely that our nation's coverage will end up being a hybrid of both technologies working together.

There are many different ways to get access to the internet on the go. Find mobile service from satellite internet service providers or research your other options using our quality resource. It's easy to find the best provider for your specific broadband access needs.

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