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Trying to find cheap satellite internet service can be a real hassle if you don't go to the right places. But the good news is that this site will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your next satellite internet provider. Taking advantage of online offers such as the ones here can save you a significant amount of money. You can use this resource to compare companies, view prices for providers in your area and research contract requirements so that you know exactly where you stand with each monthly bill.

Save Time And Money By Comparing Satellite Companies Online

The following chart compares three top satellite broadband companies for easy side by side comparison.

Enhanced Dialup Speed 384 kbps Medium Speed
200 kbps - 1.0 Mbps
Fast Speed
250 kbps - 1.5 Mbps
Faster Speed
300 Mbps - 2.0 Mbps



HughesNet Basic
For 3 months*


Power 150
For 3 months*


Power 200
For 3 months*


Skyway Bronze


Skyway Silver
512 kbps


Skway Gold
768 kbps


Skyway Platinum
1.5 Mbps



WildBlue Value


WildBlue Select


WildBlue Pro

*Promotional rate. After first 3 months, HughesNet prices go up to normal monthly subscription rate of $59.99 for Basic, $79.99 for Power 150, and $109.99 for Power 20

Because all of the useful information you need to find a provider is right here, you can research satellite ISPs at your leisure. Customer reviews, internet package details and sign-up incentives are also available by visiting these areas of the site. We have displayed current contract details for each company that include hidden charges and extras so that you can decide whether a particular provider is a fit for your budget. But the most important initial step is to decide what you use the internet for.

If you are an individual who only indulges in light surfing and sending a few emails per week, you may not require the highest speed available from a satellite provider. And if you are a heavier internet user, you may find slower speeds frustrating, and so may end up choosing a package with higher download speeds. Once you've identified your needs, it becomes that much easier to choose an inexpensive satellite internet service that will meet them. Not identifying what you require from a provider may end up costing you in the form of early contract termination fees and lost time if you work on your computer. It can also help to try and determine what your future needs for internet will be.


In order to effectively compare satellite internet service it's important to begin with the basics, like assessing your speed requirements. Determine if a provider has satellite internet access in your area is another top priority in your research.

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