Satellite Internet Access Considerations

If you're looking for satellite internet access in your area, you may be wondering if there's an easier way to find a company. Not only is there an easier way, but there is a more affordable way. And this site can help you find the satellite ISP that not only suits your lifestyle, but helps you to find a company that won't charge you more than you can afford for service. All companies here have been verified for their quality, and constant updates ensure you get the most current satellite internet offers no matter when you visit

Rain Fade - An Important Consideration

Blockage of a satellite internet connection due to the weather is a common occurrence for many satellite customers. Called 'rain fade', this phenomenon can cause interference with a satellite signal, and therefore, interference with internet activities and viewing of satellite television.

But some companies like Skyway have been able to circumvent this issue with their 'hybrid connection'. This connection not only uses the satellite dish and receiver, but also includes a dialup land-line connection that can be used in times of inclement weather. The switch form satellite to landline, occurring in less than a second, is usually deployed by the ISP itself and ensures that customers enjoy seamless viewing and downloading no matter what the weather. Other providers like WildBlue allow you to select an optional dialup add-on package for a nominal monthly fee to deal with this issue.

Using this site, you can investigate whether the satellite internet company you're considering offers a solution to rain fade. If not, then it's important to consider the usual weather in your area to determine whether satellite internet access is for you. If you don't find that you go online much or watch a lot of television, then avoiding rain fade may not be a priority for your household. On the other hand, if you work from home, then finding a company with a backup plan for this phenomenon may be a higher priority for you.


Satellite internet has become much more affordable and is a viable alternative to dialup internet these days. If 4G wireless is available in your area, find out what's new in mobile satellite internet service in your area.

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