Mobile Broadband 4G Wireless Access

4G Wireless is definitely making waves in Mobile Satellite Internet Service. Also referred to as WiMax, 4G technology turns a large geographic area into one immense hotspot with a wide bandwidth that provides impressive download speed. As a point of reference, 3G technology can be thought of as a network of smaller hotspots transmitted by a series of cellular towers. 3G users are familiar with dead zones, which are specific places in a network which hotspots do not overlap.

The large cell approach to mobile wireless internet is still a fairly young technology, which means it has room to mature and improve. That's great news for people looking for a truly mobile internet access anywhere they find themselves, at home or on the go. In fact, wherever you can get a cell phone signal, you can enjoy internet access. WiMax, which means Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, also generally integrates well with WiFi's small cell network approach. When you're moving throughout various networks, whether it be 3G or 4G technology, plans enable you to connect to roaming networks for seamless coverage.

What Can 4G Do For You

4G wireless speeds tend to run between 3 to 6 Mbps, which is four times faster than 3G. This is fundamentally important to many mobile broadband customers who rely on their mobile device to handle important business and stay connected to friends and family. Do you telecommute for a couple of hours every day and need to do some online research for that graduate course you're taking on the weekends? No problem. Download speeds can handle the most bandwidth-hungry pages required for your school work, and you can upload your assignments with ease.

Are you scheduled to be in a different city when an important meeting is being planned with your department? 4G can handle a video chat, no problem. What about when you are waiting for the airplane back from your trip? Why not use your WiMax subscription to answer a few emails to clients and staff, or even unwind by playing games online, or stream a television show while you are waiting.


For people who live in rural areas many options other than dialup exist with satellite internet. Begin by determining what criteria you intend to use for making your selection of satellite internet providers. Options include speed, price, and equipment lease or purchase.

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