Compare Satellite Internet Rates

Here you can check out satellite internet rates from the various Wireless, Satellite and Mobile internet companies. As you compare your options, remember that finding the best value requires more than just thinking about the lowest price per month. Be sure to take all factors into consideration, including the cost of purchasing new equipment, the cost per month after the introductory period has ended and the length of the required contract.

When you focus on the big picture you'll be able to use this relevant information to find the most valuable provider and plan for your needs.

Satellite Internet Specials

Value Speed Medium Speed Medium Fast Speed Fast Speed Faster Speed Lightning Speed

384 kbps

512 kbps

768 kbps

1.0 Mbps

1.5 Mbps

2.0 Mbps

SkyWay Bronze
$39.95 per month

SkyWay Silver
$49.95 per month

SkyWay  Gold
$59.95 per month


SkyWay Platinum





Hughes Net Basic
$39.99 for the first three months (after mail-in rebate)

HughesNet Power 150
$59.99 for the first three months (after mail-in rebate)

HughesNet Power 200
$89.99 for the first three months (after mail-in rebate)


Wild Blue Value
$49.95 per month


Wild Blue Select
$69.95 month

Wild Blue Pro
$79.95 month


Wireless Internet Specials

Wireless internet can bring the freedom of internet access to you anywhere within your coverage area. For example, if you have an on-the-go plan, you could access the internet from work, home, school, the beach, the mall anywhere at all within the coverage area. Currently Clear Wireless internet provides the most options and the most value. Review their offers below to find the right choice for you.

Clear Internet

Plan Speed Coverage Included Price

Take Two: Home + On-the-Go

1.0 Mbps with no maximum cap

Unlimited take it with you mobile internet plus home internet


Take Two: On-the-Go

1.0 Mbps with no maximum cap

Two mobile hot spots – a great plan for families


Take Three: Home + Mobile + Voice

1.0 Mbps with no maximum cap

Home and mobile internet, plus unlimited calls within the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico


Take Three: Home + 2 On-the-Go

1.0 Mbps with no maximum cap

Home internet plus two mobile hot spots


Take Two: On-the-Go+

1.0 Mbps with no maximum cap

Two mobile hot spots within your coverage area, as well as unlimited 3G national coverage where ever Clear offers service


Mobile Internet Specials

Mobile internet is an option that, similar to Wireless, will provide you access to the internet anywhere in your coverage area. Currently Verizon offers the best mobile internet plans but keep an eye out for AT&T's 4G plan, which has not yet launched.

When you're comparing satellite internet rates from mobile internet providers, keep a close eye on the monthly data allowance. This is a case where it may very well be the best value to spend more for a larger data allowance than to go over your allotment every month. The current options offered by Verizon are listed below.


Connection Facilitated
Monthly Cost Monthly Data Allowance Price After Data Allowance

Mobile Hotspots, Tablets & Notebooks (iPads & 3G)


1 GB
5 GB
10 GB


4G USB Modems


5 GB
10 GB


Smartphones & Other Feature Phones




Prepaid Plans

Prepaid Mobile Broadband

Per Day
Per Week
Per Mo.


100 MB
300 MB
1 GB
5 GB


A myriad of options exist for your broadband needs. Begin your research of satellite internet and other wireless options to make the best decision for you.

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