Skyway Satellite Internet Online Offers

When you live in a rural area and don't have access to DSL or cable internet, there is another option: Skyway Satellite internet service. Here, you can learn about the benefits of this internet type and determine whether a satellite ISP suits your current internet needs, budget and lifestyle. You can also discover how to go about getting the most value for your satellite internet service, including how to find savings that can lower your monthly internet costs.

The Benefits And Costs Of Satellite Internet

There are several options available to handle your internet needs:

Plan Monthly Price Perfect For

Bronze - 384 kbps


Light surfing and emailing

Silver - 512 kbps


Online bill paying and shopping

Gold - 768 kbps


Moderate surfing and online bill paying

Platinum - 1.5 Mbps


Daily surfing, downloading and streaming


Skyway is an excellent option for meeting the needs of many broadband users, but as with any company, it's important to look at both the advantages and disadvantages.


  • 12 month warranty on equipment
  • 90 day guarantee on professional installation
  • Guaranteed reliability -- Skyway's unique hybrid system utilizes your phone line with free nationwide dialup backup service in the event that weather-related issues prevent your satellite from delivering broadband
  • Excellent U.S. based customer service
  • Your choice of installation options -- you can install yourself for no cost, or Skyway will arrange for professional installation starting at $149; additional services like pole mounting can be negotiated directly with the installer
  • All plans include 5 email accounts


  • Two year contract required - cancellation fees are equal to your monthly subscription rate times the number of months remaining on your contract

Specific Unique Benefits of Skyway

Satellite internet offers a variety of advantages for those who choose to go this route, and Skyway's unique hybrid technology sets them apart from two-way satellite internet companies. Data delivered by standard satellite broadband must travel all the way to the satellite and back for a 45,000 mile round trip. This means a delay for the end-user who is trying to access information. The scenario is that you type in a phrase in your browser, and hit enter. That phrase, which is referred to as the request path, has to travel all the way to the satellite and then back down to earth to provide available choices. The next step is the data download itself, which requires another 45,000 mile round trip to the satellite and back. This delay ends up making satellite much slower than traditional broadband service connections.

Skyway eliminates one of those round trips through their innovative hybrid system. They use your phone system for dial-up service as the request path, eliminating that first round trip up to the satellite. Not only does that cut down on inefficiencies in delivering data, but Skyway's free nationwide dialup backup services makes sure that weather-related issues don't prevent you from accessing the information superhighway. This can provide the security of being able to stay in touch with loved ones in any event.


Skyway Satellite Internet Service offers the convenience of satellite internet without the instability of more traditional connections like dial-up. Check out our side by side comparison of satellite internet providers and assess the important factors to consider when selecting a satellite ISP.

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