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If you're always on the go and want access to the internet no matter where you are, then wireless internet service providers may offer the solution you're looking for. This technology isn't available everywhere but the top companies in the industry are constantly adding new coverage areas and offering significant savings on their plans and start up fees. We've compiled the most up to date information on the latest deals and discounts for wireless service.

Selecting the Best Wireless Provider for Your Needs

Wireless internet allows you to stay connected to the internet anywhere you are within your coverage area. Some providers offer the ability to connect to the internet from home, while others offer you on-the-go service. The most important step you must take to choose the right plan is to understand the differences and compare the discounts and plans available.

Let's start by discussing how wireless works. It is similar to the way a radio works, in that a transmission is made from a tower and is picked up by your wireless device. You can then enjoy speeds that are as fast or faster than DSL or cable. Laptops typically have built in wireless capacity but you may still need to purchase a special adapter to use the specific wireless service from your provider. Those with PCs will simply attach a modem that picks up the signal and can then enjoy uninterrupted service.

There are a few different advantages compared to wired options like DSL or cable. First of all, when you choose wireless even if you don't choose an on-the-go plan you can easily connect no matter where you are. When you move to a new home or apartment, you'll simply be able to plug in your modem and access the internet without worrying about installation.

You may also find the on-the-go service to be a huge advantage. Currently Clear Wireless offers both home internet and on-the-go internet. With their on-the-go option, you're able to access the internet from anywhere within your coverage area. You might check the sports scores at the beach, catch up on some homework while waiting for the bus or stay connected in your own home. This option is providing unprecedented access to the internet.

As you compare the plans available to you, remember that your overall goal should be finding the best value. Some companies might offer low prices but their coverage area may be smaller or they may have slower speeds than other companies. At the same time, not everyone would benefit from having the fastest speeds around. Take a look at our comparison charts to see which provider and plan is likely to work best for you.

You'll also consider the initial and ongoing investment you'll need to make to get wireless service. For example, you may be required to purchase equipment, pay a start up fee and even pay shipping fees to have equipment sent to you. Keep in mind that you can often find deals that offer free installation and mail-in rebates for your equipment. Clear will also let you lease equipment, provided you sign a two year contract.

The bottom line is that wireless internet service providers offer access to the internet virtually anywhere within your coverage area. Our site allows you to quickly compare the plans to find the right level of coverage and the best value for your specific needs.


If Wireless Internet is not available in your area, there is always the option of satellite internet service rather than outdated connections like dial-up. If you are fortunate enough to have access to wireless providers like Clear Internet, you can benefit from many option plans available from this flexible provider.

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